Verde Landscaping

Since its establishment in 2004, Verde has been a prominent presence in the landscaping field in Qatar. Specializing in landscaping design and implementation, Verde brings landscapes to life with its exceptional irrigation systems and a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants.

Our Expertise

With an unparalleled expertise in landscape architecture, irrigation systems, installation, and contracting, our team of qualified engineers confidently handles the execution of any project from concept to final maintenance. Our services include:


Indoor plants, outdoor plants, and various types of grass.


Stones, concrete, marbles, and various other materials.

Irrigation and Water Control Systems

Automatic and manual irrigation systems with low downtime and lasting efficiency.

Leisure Areas

From art design to peaceful patios, we create functional and aesthetically pleasing leisure areas.

Shaded Areas

Climate suitable designs for shaded areas to enhance comfort and aesthetics.

Aftercare and Maintenance

Seasonal clean-ups, irrigation system check-ups, pest control, planting enhancements, and indoor plants care.

What Sets Us Apart

Sustainable Practices, Unmatched Quality, Innovative Solutions, and Customer-Centric Service

Commitment to Sustainability

We prioritize eco-friendly practices and materials, contributing to Qatar’s ecological balance and biodiversity.

Quality and Reliability

Our projects are known for their quality craftsmanship, reliability, and attention to detail.


We leverage the latest technologies and design trends to deliver cutting-edge landscape solutions.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our dedicated team ensures personalized service and strives to exceed customer expectations at every step.

A vibrant work culture that flows with creativity is our secret

Explore our website to learn more about our projects and services;  we look forward to creating stunning landscapes that exceed your expectations!